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Now you too may be in danger of black fungus! Important news for you ….

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What is black fungus and what are the ways to protect it from black fungus?

Black Fungus Means Mucomycosis

Friends, today we are telling you some ways to avoid black fungus,
If you see symptoms of this disease then take it seriously, and serious symptoms of this disease can be like this.
Today, cases of black fungus in our country have started increasing.

In such a situation, there is an obligation towards our country that how to inform the common people in this disease and how to make them aware. According to the opinion of well-known doctors of the country, we will give you complete information about this disease.

Do not use steroids too much

Well-known country doctors tell us some important information about it and its prevention, we are keeping the following important things in front of you, first of all, check blood sugar level daily, second when to give steroids, Third dose is to be given.

If you people will take care of these small things, then this disease can be avoided to a great extent.
The most important and important thing to control mucarmycosis should be to use steroids with great care and control blood sugar.

The first symptoms of this disease are pain in the nose, ears, throat, heaviness in the serpent, swelling of the mouth behind the ears inside the mouth, or mild mild spots of fungus.

If this symptom is seen in the body of any patient, then it needs immediate medical treatment, hiding the disease or doing any kind of negligence or misbehavior can be fatal for the patient and family members. Get it treated by a good doctor immediately.

Beware of rumors

Some bharm is being spread among people about this disease, which is absolutely baseless and wrong. Some people are saying that eating raw food spreads this disease, while some are saying that patients are getting this disease due to the use of oxygen of the corona patient. None of the doctors in the country have confirmed these things, it can also happen to the people living in the house.

Good to all of you countrymen, I request you to take good care of your body, cleanliness around your houses. If any of these symptoms occur on your body, then immediately consult the doctor of your nearest hospital and get your treatment done immediately.

Ways to prevent black fungus


Note: – To avoid black fungus, use mobile phone sparingly. It has been seen that anyone who has got this disease has used mobile phones more than confidence and lost his eye.

1.People do not wash the mask for several days, clean it upside down with sanitizer and run the work. Do not do this. Immediately wash the mask with soap, dry in the sun and press when the cloth masks come in from outside. Do not use surgical masks for more than a day.

If the N95 mask has to be used for a long time, it is necessary to use it for a long time, soak it in soapy water several times a day, and do not rub it. Better use a new one.

2. Most of the vegetables, especially the black fungus seen when peeling the onion, goes through the hands or into the eyes or mouth. Save. Wash with clean water, alum water or vinegar, then use.

3. Black fungus accumulates in the doors and inside of the fridge, especially on the rubber, then brush it immediately with soap. And later also wash your hands with soap.

4. Unless very necessary, oxygen level is normal, so do not take steroids along with other medications. In particular, it is more dangerous for patients with sugar.

5. If the patient has oxygen, then use a new mask and that too after cleaning daily. Also put sterile water / saline in the oxygen cylinder or concentrator and change it daily.

6. In the rainy season, even if the patient comes home or recover, do not stay in any damp place in bed or moist room. Like a hospital, bed sheets and pillow covers have to be changed every day. And the bathroom has to be cleaned regularly.Handkerchief towel wash daily.

If you have not yet been vaccinated, get it done. Black fungus can also be avoided by applying vaccine. Book your vaccine online like this!

If you keep these things in mind and tell others too, then it is possible to avoid this deadly disease. Because its treatment is very rare and expensive, so caution is the treatment.

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