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Written by lisa beth

1️⃣ KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker Pro Key
2️⃣ A launcher which supports live wallpapers and touch actions (Nova Launcher recommended).

TooWenty for KLWP is a KLWP pack with a collection of 20, o yes, twenty KLWP presets for your home screen having Minimal preset, Material preset and some eye candies suitable for phones with all major aspect ratios. All the presets in the pack are unlocked so the user can fully unleash their creativity.

Major features of TooWenty for KLWP
Vast Collection – A huge number of fantastic presets 2️⃣0️⃣
Plug and play – No need of changing things every time you want a new preset 😎
Highly Cutomizable – Change wallpapers, icons, colors, fonts as per your wish 🎨
Favorites on home – Keep all your most used apps on the home screen 🏠
Range of presets – Get a wide range of different styles of presets including minimal, material, fluent, cute, colorful, aesthetic and functional categories 🕺
Dark mode included – Presets with dark mode just a click away 🌑
Variation of pages – One, two or three page presets, choose as per your liking 🔢
Smooth animations – Enjoy the buttery smooth animations, and they are addictive 😉
Updates – Get timely updates adding new presets or fixing the current ones 🆕
Support – Get fast and friendly support from the developer 💁‍♂️
Requests – Send in your requests to get a preset of your preferences added in the app 🛒

That’s great. But, how??
1️⃣ Install a custom launcher (Nova Launcher is recommended but many others would work fine as well).
2️⃣ Hide dock, status bar, remove all icons and widgets from the home screen and enable wallpaper scrolling.
3️⃣ Match the homescreen page count of your launcher to the one required for the preset you want to use (mentioned in the description of each preset).
4️⃣ Install KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker along with the Pro Key (paid).
5️⃣ Open TooWenty for KLWP.
6️⃣ Click on the preset you want to use, and click on the save icon.
7️⃣ If there is any issue in setting up any preset, I would love to help you and see your beautiful homescreen. You can contact me directly on the details given below. 😊

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