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Download Typewise Keyboard Apk Latest Version

Written by lisa beth

Typewise Custom Keyboard – Big Keys, Emoji & Fonts


Custom huge Keyboard with 4X less errors!


Typewise is an Android and iPhone Keyboard application that assists you with making less grammatical errors, further develop composing speed, tweak the Keyboard the manner in which you need (distinctive Keyboard topics, Keyboard text styles, emoticon Keyboard) while getting a charge out of 100% protection.

Included on: TechCrunch, Wired, Esquire, The Telegraph, Tech Radar, Mac Observer


💡 Did you know?


Current Keyboards depend on the 140-year-old mechanical typewriter format (QWERTY). Typewise is unique. It’s the primary textual style application that is explicitly intended for cell phones. It’s progressive yet simple to utilize, and after a few messages, you’ll cherish it.


Typewise furnishes you with a wide scope of Keyboard foundation choices, emoticons, text textual styles, and different provisions, like auto glue Keyboard and emoticon Keyboard that will make its utilization fun and simple. Change textual styles to any textual style you need to expand your text styles Keyboard insight.


Our protected honeycomb design is better than the QWERTY format utilized by most Keyboards like Gboard, Swiftkey, Kika Keyboard, Go Keyboard, Grammarly, Fleksy, Paste Keyboard, Chrooma, and Cheetah Keyboard that guarantee a wide scope of textual styles and glue Keyboard straightforwardness.


🤩 4X less grammatical errors


A new report with 37,000 members showed that on current Keyboards 1 out of 5 words contains grammatical errors. With Typewise you at long last dispose of these ARRGGHH-minutes. On account of the hexagon format, keys are 70% bigger and a lot simpler to hit. It assists you with making multiple times less mistakes. Typewise is extraordinary for individuals searching for enormous keys Keyboard (huge keys Keyboard).


👋 Intuitive motions


Swipe up to underwrite a letter, swipe left to erase or swipe right to reestablish. That’s all there is to it.


✨ Smart autocorrect


Quit getting irritated by off-base autocorrections or silly forecasts. Typewise realizes what you type and assists you with composing that ideal sentence. This makes it genuinely your custom Keyboard.



🔒 100% protection


What you compose is close to home. That is the reason the Keyboard runs locally on your gadget and none of your composing information is communicated to the cloud. Different Keyboards require many authorizations to get to your schedule, contacts, documents, GPS area and substantially more.


🗣️ Speaks your dialects


With Typewise you can write in the entirety of your dialects without a moment’s delay. Typewise text styles switch naturally. Typewise upholds:


– English Keyboard (US, UK, AU, Canada)

– Afrikaans

– Albanian

– Basque

– Breton

– Catalan

– Croatian

– Czech

– Danish

– Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands)

– Estonian

– Filipino

– Finnish

– French (France, Canada, Switzerland)

– Galician

– German Keyboard (Austria, Germany, Switzerland)

– Hungarian

– Hinglish

– Icelandic

– Indonesian

– Irish

– Italian

– Latvian

– Lithuanian

– Malaysian

– Norwegian

– Polish

– Portuguese Keyboard (Portugal, Brazil)

– Romanian

– Serbian

– Slovak

– Slovene

– Spanish Keyboard (Spain, Latin, USA )

– Swedish

– Turkish


Typewise upholds our honeycomb design (particularly for devotees of Dvorak and Colemak Keyboard formats), customary QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY Keyboard designs, and installed emoticon Keyboard.


Utilize our honeycomb design for a bigger Keyboard with huge keys and huge keys.


Get more with Typewise PRO


– Type in different dialects without exchanging

– Get customized word ideas

– Additional 16 wonderful subjects (backdrops, foundation)

– Create your own text substitutions (alternate ways, duplicate glue)

– Turn on key vibration and set the ideal force

– Turn on tablet mode

– Change emoticon style (emoticon Keyboard)

– Change text dimension (change textual styles)

– Change swiping conduct

– Change space button affectability

– And some more

Upheld gadgets

Typewise is streamlined for cell phones with Android 6+ adaptations. Typewise is additionally a Keyboard for iPhone.



Typewise Keyboard Tastatur App
Typewise Keyboard Tastatur App
Developer: Typewise
Price: Free







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