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Vyng Video Ringtones Download Apk

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Vyng – Spam-Blocking Dialer and Video Caller ID (Beta)

Vyng pictures calls with Video Caller ID and Spam Protection. Vyng additionally permits you to pick the video ▶️ that plays when you call others.

This gives you a completely updated call 📞 experience with all the more remarkable spam call obstructing 🚫 and guest ID 📞 🆔 than at any other time!

✔️ Regular guest ID is BORING🥱 ! Vyng is the main guest ID application ever. Move up to Vyng and improve guest ID that shows you who’s calling for both obscure guests and spam calls! Spam calls are super annoying😫, yet Vyng distinguishes spam calls and allows you to obstruct and report spam with its guest ID – for nothing! 🤑

✔️ Blocking spam calls is perhaps the best component, and our amazing spam obstructing innovation is improving constantly. We’re focused on giving our clients the most ideal spam impeding dialer application with the goal that they are ensured against irritating spammers.

✔️ Our telephone dialer application makes calling your companions amazing – YOU pick a free Caller ID picture or video that you need to play on YOUR FRIENDS’ PHONES when you call! At that point, when you call a companion, they’ll see YOUR own Caller ID picture or video playing on their telephone while it rings. Wow🙀! Both you and your companions need to have Vyng introduced for it to work, so download ⬇️ it free of charge and welcome every one of your companions! ⛹️🤸🧘

Welcome YOUR FRIENDS! 😳😲😹

Take THEIR Breath away 🔥📲💥

✔️ Vyng Video guest ID, with more than 15 million downloads, recognizes calls from organizations 💼, obscure numbers, robocalls🤖, and spam at a lightning speed. You can likewise pick any video ringtone to play when you get a call so that each call is a gathering! 😳😲🥳

Furthermore, better believe it, Vyng is FREE!✌️🤟

✔️ Vyng is the best video guest id application with HD full-screen activity! Just Vyng offers visual Caller ID with fullscreen video! No compelling reason to introduce some other guest tune application when you have Vyng in your pocket🚶! Somebody calls you who isn’t on Vyng🤷, you can pick a video ringtone to play by setting a custom ringtone for that individual.

✔️ Normal call applications and guest ID applications are LAME🥴! ☠️Other guest ID and spam hindering applications all appear to be identical, and most ringtone applications simply give you the normal, worn out BORING🤢 recordings and ringtones. Vyng’s free guest ID allows you to see CUSTOM VIDEOS of who’s calling, including when you get a spam call! YAY😈!

So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for?

➡️ Download Vyng and be a piece of the computerized upheaval that is occurring at the present time! Set Vyng as your default call application and experience the eventual fate of calls!

📝 Note:

– AUDIO: For ringtones containing calm or quiet 📳 sound, you can add custom sound!

– OFFLINE: Vyng’s will work in any event, when you are disconnected! In any case, for new

content, you do have to intermittently interface with the web to get the most recent recordings.

How to Set Amazing video Ringtone ?

Friends, By watching this video of today, you apply inside your phone, then your friends will just ask you where did you learn this trick.

this video of today is going to be very amazing for you guys.Friends, if you also want to put a video ringtone on your call screen then definitely watch this video of today.

When the video ringtone will ring in your phone, everyone will be shocked and surprised that brother will ask you how to install the video ringtone.

So friends today in this video, we will show You. how you can set a video ringtone on your call screen?

So today you must watch the video till the end and a very amazing video is going to happen for you guys.

You must 50 likes such a wonderful video, let’s start the video.


Before starting the video, let me tell you which application it is, where to download it and how to install it.

The name of this application is Vyng App. You have downloaded this application from the link given in the below description. Then you can install vyng app.

Now open the vyng app. After opening, you will have to dial your mobile number and verify the mobile number.

After verification, you will have to allow all the permissions to this application.

Now you can see the interface of this application looks something like this, now you have seen 3 lines in the top up-side corner. Click on it.

Now you can see here, there is a second option, video ringtone, you have to simple click on it. Now your gallery will open from here.

Now when you come down to the bottom, you will see 3 folders here, this application will automatically make all three folders inside your phone.
The first folder is Bollywood’s second folder Trending’s third folder Wonder Land Natural.

1.If you want to set a Bollywood ringtone then go to the Bollywood folder and you can set a lot of Bollywood videos.

2.Second folder is trending If you want to set any trending video ringtone then go to this folder.

3.There is a third folder Wonderland Natural, in this you will see natural videos, which you can set your ringtone.

you have selected the simple Bollywood folder and you can set any video you like here.
Select the video, after selecting Save, after saving, your video ringtone has been set. Now if anyone calls you, you will have a video ringtone show. So this way to set video ringtone.

So friends, do like this amazing video, share it with your friends and tell me in the comment box below that how you like this trick.

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Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng
Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng
Developer: Vyng, Inc.
Price: Free

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